about penguin brochure racks

Penguin offers a variety of ways to display your catalogues, brochures, or other literature in an elegant, lightweight, and durable system.  

The standard penguin brochure rack and the space penguin brochure rack stand head and shoulders above other  literature stands. The standard and space penguin brochure racks set up in a few minutes, are lightweight and easy to transport, and are durable, backed by a lifetime warranty (see price list for warranty details). Headers are available as accessories. 


space penguin brochure rack

The main feature of the space brochure rack is the elegant design base, which is made from machined aluminum giving it a distinct and modern look.

The penguin brochure racks (space & penguin) are delivered singly packed in a cardboard box. A flight case is available as an accessory. All system parts are available as spare parts.

The system penguin carries a lifetime guarantee against material and / or manufacturing defects.


Header for both types of penguin brochure racks are available as accessories. There is a choice of two sizes - 20 x 50 cm or 30 x 50 cm / 7.9”x 19.7” or 11.8”x 19.7”. 



A solid flight case made of Aluminium is available as an accessory.